Molten Collection

Revive Furniture are specialists in creating breath taking solid and veneered metal surfaces. True to our ethos, we created our Molten Collection for a seamless multi element pairing of cast metal and sustainably sourced timber.

The Molten Collection combines solid cast metals from titanium to copper, with your desired timber of choice. We can fill small voids and splits with cast metal details although the true beauty shines in full molten effect rivers.

Cold to touch, our metal surfaces shine from every angle. With finishes from high polish to brushed aluminium, we have endless timber and metal combinations on offer.

Contemporary Furniture

Our Molten collection brings you one of a kind contemporary masterpieces perfect for office or domestic settings. With each project tailor made to customer requirements almost any metal and timber combination is possible.

Highest Quality Metals

Each metal has its own unique characteristics. If you are looking for that high polished stand out surface, chromium, aluminium and nickel all polish very well. For a gun smoked, matt effect stainless steel and iron exhibit excellent visual characteristics. Our flagship elite finishes range from titanium, gold and platinum to brass and bronze.

Limitless Design

The possibilities are endless with our unique formulation of liquid metals combined with eco-friendly casting process. We can spray, coat and cast the highest quality liquid metals fit for the most demanding environments.

One Of A Kind Classics

We use metals with a minimum purity content of 99.6%. We are extremely flexible throughout the design process with an extensive range of material finishes on offer. If you need additional help choosing a finish we can post samples free of charge.