Sustainable Design

Sustainability is at the core of how we operate at Revive Furniture. With this in mind we are proud that all resins used in our tables are made from 100% solids from dry plant extracts with 0% volatile organic compounds. All our protective oils are food safe and formulated with natural ingredients, ensuring customer satisfaction that the furniture we create has a positive environmental impact.

Lowering our carbon footprint is vital for a healthier planet for generations to come. With this in mind we source all live edge timber locally.

We are also happy to work with timber sourced from clients’ estates or private land. All timber used benefits from years of air drying, maintaining strength and stability. We then kiln dry slabs to bring final moisture content within a 8 – 10% window.


We want a world where people and wildlife can thrive. With this in mind, we only use locally sourced sustainable timber alongside bio resin for every piece of furniture we produce. From small table off cuts to the trimmed resin wastage, we have full awareness as to where out waste ends up.

Working Together

We work with local wood turners and epoxy jewellery makers to ensure our waste does not end up in land fill. These small companies can usually turn our by-product into treasure, from small sculptures to resin earrings and gifts. Grade A timber offcuts are usually redistributed to artists and makers via our offcuts pile.

Re-use and Recycle

Any lower grade timber offcuts end up heating our workshop throughout the winter. A percentage of our sawdust can be reused as organic filler powder for gluing and filleting. Are you interested in offcuts? Get in touch for more information.